Case Study

Tech Rocket

We helped Tech Rocket teach thousands of kids coding, game design, and graphic design.

Project Goals

Eternal Summer

iD Tech’s camps were legendary for getting kids excited about tech, but they were limited to a few weeks every summer and select locations. Adding a branded always-on web platform meant more kids could learn on their busy schedules.

Can’t Touch This

iD Tech was producing web content, but it was non-interactive video. In order to publish fully interactive web courses, Envy Labs was well-equipped to help.

Cashflow Positive

iD’s revenue came in a pretty substantial bell curve that peaked mid-year. Opening up a year-round revenue stream could help the company break through some growth barriers.


We’re Going On an Adventure

We began research and initial wireframes for Tech Rocket back in 2014. Taking lessons we learned from Code School, we dialed back the age demographic to appeal to a younger audience. We collected lessons and insights over the following years to add features and steady refinement.

Time To Remodel

We had 3 years of delivering steady improvements to Tech Rocket when we pitched the idea of a site redesign in early 2017. With plans for a growing course library, we reimagined the entire site placing more emphasis on courses. We also explored stretching and expanding the user dashboard with better avatars, a level-up system, and more ways for Tech Rocket to reward their players for learning.

Design + Develop

Move It Like This

We took full advantage of SVG animations and fun characters designed by Ayana Campbell Smith to put more smiling, kid-friendly faces all around the site.

Level Up!

As students complete challenges and courses, they earn achievement badges as well as points towards leveling up. Kids can choose to split their time between coding, game design, and graphic design equally, or focus on a specialty. They’re in control!

I Look Good!

We developed an expressive avatar builder with everything from natural to silly hair styles, accessories, and outfits. Kids can unlock avatar pieces the more they play, incentivizing play time to grab that sweet luchador mask or robot costume.

Ooh Watch Me

The platform includes a dashboard for parents to monitor their kids’ progress. In addition to seeing completed courses, it’s a great place to discover talking points for home conversation.

100% Code, No Preservatives

Built on top of Ivy, Tech Rocket takes advantage of one of the world’s most advanced code education platforms. Rather than simple multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank questions, students write and submit real code (with a helping hand from Tech Rocket instructors), and get true-to-life feedback.


The Results

Friends In Low (and High) Places

Tech Rocket expanded their curriculum in exciting new ways, such as partnering with Hour of Code™ to encourage an early introduction to coding. With Ivy, their content is richer in interactivity and substance.

Something For Everybody

In spring 2017, Tech Rocket boasted just shy of 4,000 active monthly users, some of which wouldn’t have attended camp. Tech Rocket’s instructors and course content creators now have a broader reach than ever, delivering knowledge and online tutoring to thousands.

Sustainable Education

A paid subscription model not only depends on course creators to make new content, it empowers them to do so with steady revenue.

Up Next

Code School

We bootstrapped Code School as a means for simplifying training delivery, and in the process it became a leading learn-to-code platform.


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