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Why Being a Software Generalist Ensures Future Successes

Nathaniel Bibler By Nathaniel Bibler // 2.26.2021

To solver future problems, developers need to be software generalists. Discover 4 ways developers can improve their skills and stay effective.

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The “Best” Tech Stack Doesn’t Exist

Nick Walsh By Nick Walsh // 2.8.2021

The “best” tech stack is a red herring. What you should be focusing on is “which tech stack is right for me?” Learn how to decipher the right stack for you.

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Athletic Apps: How To Design Interfaces for Sports

Ayana Campbell Smith By Ayana Campbell Smith // 1.29.2021

While traditional apps and sports apps have similarities, sports software development presents unique challenges. Learn valuable tips to meet these challenges.

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Designing Links: Tips for Implementing a Fundamental Piece of the Web

Ben Stankich By Ben Stankich // 12.23.2020

Because links are one of the primary interactions we have online, website link design is of great importance. Read our comprehensive guide now.

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What Does a Web App Cost? It’s a Conversation, Not a Negotiation

Nick Walsh By Nick Walsh // 12.10.2020

Rather than view your software development budget as a negotiation, think of it as a detailed conversation. Find out how both parties can streamline this process.

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What Can Fields Like Epidemiology Teach Us About Building Ethical Social Applications?

Nick Walsh By Nick Walsh // 11.20.2020

Ethical tech companies are looking to other industries and fields of study to drive their social application creation. Discover a responsible way forward.

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