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The “Best” Tech Stack Doesn’t Exist

Nick Walsh By Nick Walsh // 4.27.2022

If you’re wondering how to choose the “right” tech stack, you’re asking the wrong question. Learn how to decipher the right tech stack for your particular software goals.

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Ready to Build? A Complete Guide to Working With an Outside Software Firm

Nick Walsh By Nick Walsh // 4.10.2022

You’re ready to build your big idea, but you have to find the right software partner. What does this engagement look like? You’re in luck! Here’s a complete guide.

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Adding Interactivity to Data Visualizations on the Web

Nick Walsh By Nick Walsh // 3.1.2022

Learn how to add effective interactivity to your data visualizations. Article includes common pitfalls, tips for success, and data visualization examples.

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How Not-Invented-Here Syndrome Affects Technical Direction

Nick Walsh By Nick Walsh // 1.31.2022

Risk can’t be avoided in product development, but how much risk tolerance for outside software do you have, and which ones are worth trying? Learn now.

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Wireframes: Software’s Best Communication Tool

Nick Walsh By Nick Walsh // 1.17.2022

Wireframing in software development is often skipped for perceived budgetary reasons. Learn how and why keeping this step undoubtedly saves you more money.

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Keep Software Simple: The Minimum Viable User Experience

Nick Walsh By Nick Walsh // 12.13.2021

How much UX is needed to launch a software product? Learn how, when, and where to apply your user experience strategy for a successful product launch.

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