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The Hunt for Developers: Should You Hire, Try Staff Augmentation, or Find An External Expert?

Nick Walsh By Nick Walsh // 10.12.2021

Should you go with software team augmentation, external consultants, or an internal hire? You have to understand the pros and cons to each. Let’s dig into that.

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Native Apps vs. PWAs: Cost & Complexity Realities

Nathaniel Bibler By Nathaniel Bibler // 9.17.2021

Believing that a project must be launched as a web app, an iOS app in the App Store, and an Android app in the Google Play Store is self-sabotage.

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Overengineering a Web Application is Easier Than Ever

Nick Walsh By Nick Walsh // 9.8.2021

Overengineering software can be a serious impediment to getting a project done on time. Find out how to address this issue early on in development.

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Unknowns: A Celebrated (and Necessary) Part of Software Development

Nick Walsh By Nick Walsh // 8.23.2021

Unknowns are an unavoidable part of software development. When you outsource your development, you get a team seasoned in tackling these gaps in knowledge.

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WordPress: The Application Framework You Shouldn’t Be Using

Nathaniel Bibler By Nathaniel Bibler // 8.2.2021

WordPress is good for some things, and bad for so many more. Learn why you should only be using WP in specific circumstances to avoid disasters down the road.

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Breaking the Stigma of Legacy Codebases

Matt Schultz By Matt Schultz // 7.21.2021

Developers know working with legacy code can be a significant challenge. Learn 5 tips that will ensure you leave your product better than you found it.

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