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How Organization Size Influences Developers’ Decision-Making

Nick Walsh By Nick Walsh // 4.30.2024

The right tech decisions for a small and large company simply aren’t equal. Learn about how scale plays directly into software developers’ decision-making.

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Lies Developers Tell: What Your Team’s Status Updates Really Mean

Nick Walsh By Nick Walsh // 3.27.2024

Communication problems in software development are common. Find out how to interpret status updates and attain a clearer read of your project’s standing.

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What New Developers Need to Develop

Nick Walsh By Nick Walsh // 2.13.2024

What do new engineers need to develop? Learn the skills developers still need to learn as they seek to shed that “junior” designation.

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Designing a User Interface for Critical Tasks

Ayana Campbell Smith By Ayana Campbell Smith // 1.17.2024

All online tasks do not carry the same weight. Find out how to design a good user interface for critical tasks in everyday life.

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Picking a SaaS Product is Tougher Than Ever

Nick Walsh By Nick Walsh // 12.18.2023

If you are researching 3rd party SaaS platforms or products, look no further for assistance. Learn the ins and outs of how to choose a right-fit system.

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Hard-Won Wrong Opinions on Software

Nick Walsh By Nick Walsh // 11.8.2023

In software development, opinions and preferences are plenty. Learn why reevaluation is the key to success and which “truths” may need unlearning.

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