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Congratulations, You’re a Technology Company Now

Nick Walsh By Nick Walsh // 10.15.2020

The thrill of starting a tech company is often quashed by the realities of building that company. Find out more about using a CTO as a service for startups.

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Ten Years of Brains: EdTech Lessons in the Decade After Rails for Zombies

Nick Walsh By Nick Walsh // 9.30.2020

10 years have passed since Rails for Zombies and though EdTech is constantly evolving, there are still lessons to learn. Find out more.

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Lies Developers Tell: Interpreting the Subtext of Your Team’s Status Updates

Nick Walsh By Nick Walsh // 9.16.2020

Communication problems in software development are common. Find out how to interpret status updates and attain a clearer read of your project’s standing.

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Do RFPs Actually Lead to the Right Software Partner?

Nick Walsh By Nick Walsh // 8.23.2020

Because software is a sizable investment of time and money, you need to make sure your RFP process best practices are leading you to the right partner.

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Friction in Interface Design: The Good, The Bad, and The Unnecessary

Ayana Campbell Smith By Ayana Campbell Smith // 8.19.2020

Despite what you’ve heard, interface design friction is not always a bad thing. Learn about the right away to implement friction into your interface design.

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Everything Is Fine Until It Isn’t: A Primer on Software Licensing

Nick Walsh By Nick Walsh // 8.10.2020

Dependencies build up fast when pairing outside and proprietary code. Learn about the different software license categories and use them to your advantage.

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