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Insightful Software

Envy Labs builds custom data platforms for training and visualization on the web.

A Positive Outlier

Envy Labs consists of 13 strategists, designers, and developers able to map training or data content to what users hope to achieve. We offer the perspective of candid consultants who’ve also worn the entrepreneur hat and created successful products in the space.

Proven Services

From concept to launch party, we provide expert insight into content delivery. Visit the services page for a detailed view of our planning and implementation offerings.



Planning and User Experience

We’ll help lay the proper groundwork, pick an approach, define success, and dive into information architecture.



Interface Design

More than wireframes plus a coat of paint, our design team excels at making complex flows and ideas intuitive.



Tailored Code

Founded by four developers with a fondness for teaching, our education and large platform expertise sit at the forefront.



Ship and Maintain

Configuration, deployment, monitoring — we’ll ensure customers are greeted with a performant application each time.

Just Like Family

Since 2009, leading developers and designers have called Envy Labs home. Head over to the about page for a look at the smiling faces behind our work and the grin-worthy process we employ.


We’re just as excited about your idea.

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