What We Do


Discovery, design, and development partner up to (securely) bring proprietary knowledge to the web that off-the-shelf software doesn’t capture. It’s digital transformation paired with a right-fit process and a reliable approach to budgets and timelines.


It starts with a spreadsheet and a “what if?” What if data were meaningfully visualized? What if varying levels of access could be provided to anyone? Versioned formulas, the inclusion of outside data sources, and even productization — features can be dreamed up endlessly, but they always come back to a core idea:

What if the barriers to insight were removed?

With core values that center around fostering education and transparency, we’re positioned to serve as a temporary CTO, tactical team, and an outside set of eyes in improving the reach of your capabilities.

Mark Kendall developing software at the Envy Labs office, seated on a couch

“Our partnership with Envy Labs is the best decision CentreLearn has ever made. Our new training system puts us years beyond the competition.”

Jason Paluck
Founder // CentreLearn