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Interface Information Density: Less Isn’t Always More

An Article By Ayana Campbell Smith // 9.2.2019

We live in a data-rich world where the need to quickly analyze, interpret, and transform data is at an all-time high. Yet despite this need and a concurrent increase…

Budget Creep: How Change Impacts Custom Software Development Cost

An Article By Nick Walsh // 8.19.2019

Software development remains an expansive, experimental, new… and immature field. That newness flies in the face of the (occasionally overwhelming) complexity behind what it builds. A quick search on just…

Envy Labs Builds Transformative Custom Software

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Reshaping your unique solutions with custom software. We help when: You haven’t found an existing web application that truly works for you Software ideas are flying around, and it’s time…

Explore Data Science

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We paired space, data science, and instructional software in Booz Allen Hamilton’s first product….

Ayana Campbell Smith

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No inanimate object can escape a happy disposition through the style of creative director Ayana. She’s a fan of Netflix marathons, reading, animation, showing the rest of us up…