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Tailwind- or Component-style Styles?

Nick Walsh An Article By Nick Walsh // 8.31.2023

A bad design system is worse than none, and the how behind your application’s style plays a big part in that designation. The system needs building, third-party libraries need picking,…

How a Powerful Tool Changed the Game for Collaborative Design

Ayana Campbell Smith An Article By Ayana Campbell Smith // 10.29.2021

The design process is made up of many moving parts. Beyond crafting interfaces, designers must also collaborate with team members and stakeholders, build systems, manage feedback, and consistently iterate to…

How Design Systems Make Teams Work Smarter, Not Harder

Ayana Campbell Smith An Article By Ayana Campbell Smith // 4.7.2021

Over the years, we’ve found one thing to be true: When teams aren’t focused on figuring out how things should look and function, they’re more free to iterate and innovate….

Everything Is Fine Until It Isn’t: A Primer on Software Licensing

Nick Walsh An Article By Nick Walsh // 8.10.2020

Thousands of software licenses came with your web application. Whether it’s an internal tool, a customer-facing service, or a contribution to the open source project, code ownership and licensing affect…

Do You Really Need That Companion Mobile App?

Matt Schultz An Article By Matt Schultz // 6.9.2020

With mobile devices overtaking the desktop as the most popular means of browsing the web, the question often arises: Do I need a native mobile companion app? Not too long…