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Congratulations, You’re a Technology Company Now

Nick Walsh An Article By Nick Walsh // 10.15.2020

Startup founders and companies giving software as a service (SaaS) a shot for the first time share an infectious optimism about their big idea. That belief spills over into planning,…

Accepting the Ethical Responsibilities Behind Creating Digital Platforms

Nick Walsh An Article By Nick Walsh // 1.24.2020

I spent a few years refereeing youth soccer. Sunburns and comments shouted at me aside, I’ll always remember something an instructor said during the three-day introductory course: You’ll need to…

Your Software Firm Should be Vetting Your Idea, Too

Nick Walsh An Article By Nick Walsh // 6.29.2022

Choosing the right software development group is a tough task, owed mostly to the sheer number of decision trees: Local, remote, or offshore? A large team with a deep bench,…

Software Developer

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Full-time • Remote or in-person (Orlando, FL) About the Role Envy Labs is looking for a Software Developer to join its team of strategists, designers, and developers in building (really…

Code School

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We bootstrapped Code School and grew it into a leading learn-to-code platform….