02 // Design

Information & Interaction

Look and feel are only step one of the product design journey. Our design service exists to deliver information in an accessible, productive, and responsive way.

What We Do


Animations, illustrations, flair — all may make an appearance, but product design is core to untangling complex, information dense interfaces. We’re also keeping an eye on achievability: Designers work closely alongside developers to make the right decisions around timeline and budget.

Ayana Campbell Smith creating interface illustrations for a kid-friendly technical training application

Design Systems & Animations

Beyond evoking delight, application design should support iteration and maintenance. Mirroring our approach to code, we create design systems that are componentized and version-controlled. This paves the way for additions, edits, and a standard that translates over to any number of future products.

Animations play an important role in that system, too. The extra panache they provide is great, but they’re also invaluable for directing attention and smoothly carrying users through a flow.

A phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop monitor being used to test responsive design
Ayana Campbell Smith sketches wireframes and features for a new application

Device Agnostic

Mobile-first, responsive, adaptive; the movement has taken many names, but the core need remains the same: it’s vital to meet users where they are. Can someone meet their goal on a watch? Does the interface use space effectively across three monitors? From the outset, we’ll look to support the range of device sizes, and back choices up with usage analytics.


Section 508 and WCAG compliance are more than to-do items (or legal requirements) — accessibility expands a project’s reach to large numbers of underserved consumers.

Much of the existing focus centers around hard of sight and hearing, but a host of other concerns require consideration: motor issues, sensitivity to motion, cognitive disabilities, and more. Effort here also helps inclusiveness with temporary disabilities and situational limitations.

The Envy Labs design team meets in a conference room to discuss illustrations for The Rookies

Data Visualization

Everyone has data. It’s easier than ever to add charts to applications (hello dashboards and executive summaries), but an aimless chart can’t substitute for analysis. Insight requires careful execution beyond bars and pies, and we’ve created visualizations across the spectrum, including:

  • Explanatory: seeking to tell a story with the clearest model possible
  • Exploratory: allowing users to explore and discover patterns in complex datasets
  • Maps: pairing data and spatial information

“We were so close to signing with a large enterprise company to build this before we found Envy Labs. It wouldn't have the flair, any of the special touches and the design would be just plain boring. We are so grateful to all of you for this.”

Andrew McDonald
Founder // The Rookies