The Hero’s Journey

If facing a call to adventure, toiling through challenges, or working on the return, we’re the Mentor needed to face The Cave. While our work page sings tales of past adventures, our services outline the archetypes of a story that’s yet to be told.

Data Management

G.I. Joe taught us that knowing is half the battle; in the theater of big data, storage and retrieval are the other half — especially on the web.


Every data project starts with a merge: preparing data for use by combining records and handling missing or malformed entries.


Analysis requires retrieval, and our applications feature scalable, versioned, and documented APIs that serve data to multiple platforms.


Fetched data often doesn’t match a visualization’s needs. Transformation helps shape records — whether it’s through proprietary process or traditional data science.

Interactive Visualization

As devices and browsers advance at a feverish pace, so does our ability to serve rich, interactive visuals. Working alongside the domain expertise of our clients, we seek to uncover the best representations of their data.


Visualization with an explanatory lean seeks to tell a predetermined story with the clearest model possible.


Exploratory visualizations provide interactive controls, allowing users to explore and discover patterns in complex datasets.


From projections of specific locations to models of imagined solar systems, we’ve covered the spectrum of spatial analysis on the web.

Technical Training

With Code School, we excelled as an early entry in the learn-to-code marketplace. Since then, we’ve consulted on and implemented platforms for education in data science, network administration, and more.


Delivering assessments over a network (especially for certifications) involves obstacles like connection monitoring, timing, synchronization, and activity tracking.


Having written courses of our own, we’re well-versed in the pain points of producing content. Tailored tools, training, and media handling streamline authors’ efforts.


Themes, badges, points, achievements — well-considered user perks create delightful and habit-forming products.


Engaging applications go beyond good navigation; machine learning allows for user-tailored suggestions on what to learn next.

Software Process

From startups to Fortune 100 companies, we’ve run the gamut of client size and structure. Our process and experience combine to sidestep the usual pitfalls of software development.

In Tandem

Whether we’re producing everything, working alongside an internal team, or taking a mentorship role, we can flex to fit the underlying need.

Business Decisions

Clients quickly come to rely on our objectivity. We’ll discuss budgets, timelines, and technical choices as they relate to users’ goals, not our bottom line.

How to Software

Clients who’ve never engaged in a software project or weathered a bad experience turn to Envy Labs for our transparency and expertise.

Design and Development

Our software development experience goes beyond a sum of years spent: we’ve had a hand in training many of today’s web developers, and always seek to push the bar of quality higher.


Section 508 and WCAG compliance are more than to-do items — accessibility expands a project’s reach to large numbers of underserved consumers.


We strive to meet users where they are from the outset, regardless of device size or connection speed.

Square Peg, Square Hole

Experience is the application of good software principles to any language — we have favorites, but project goals dictate technology choices.

Style Guides

Creating a tailored library of shared components and enforcing coding styles eases future development and reduces long-term technical debt.


Page speed affects everything from conversion rates to search engine ranking. We keep things snappy, even when managing heavy amounts of data or media.


We’re just as excited about your idea.

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