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Accepting the Ethical Responsibilities Behind Creating Digital Platforms

Nick Walsh An Article By Nick Walsh // 1.24.2020

I spent a few years refereeing youth soccer. Sunburns and comments shouted at me aside, I’ll always remember something an instructor said during the three-day introductory course: You’ll need…

Your Software Firm Should be Vetting Your Idea, Too

Nick Walsh An Article By Nick Walsh // 3.16.2021

Choosing the right software development company to spearhead that app idea is a tough task. There are more decisions than you can shake a stick at: Local, remote, or…

Do RFPs Actually Lead to the Right Software Partner?

Nick Walsh An Article By Nick Walsh // 8.23.2020

First, a bit of good news: This isn’t another article painting solicited proposals as a terrible bit of business. They’re a wholly unavoidable reality — through things like organizational policy and legislation…

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