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Everything Is Fine Until It Isn’t: A Primer on Software Licensing

Nick Walsh By Nick Walsh // 8.10.2020

Dependencies build up fast when pairing outside and proprietary code. Learn about the different software license categories and use them to your advantage.

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Diving into Component and Atomic Styling Methodologies

Ben Stankich By Ben Stankich // 3.13.2020

Learn about the strengths and weaknesses of component-based and atomic CSS styling methodologies and which types of projects they are best suited for.

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3 Design Exercises to Drive Your Software Discovery Process

Ayana Campbell Smith By Ayana Campbell Smith // 2.18.2020

The software discovery process is key to the success of any project. Learn about 3 interactive design exercises that will help your team thrive.

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The Software Cure-All: Finding Internal Pain Points to Automate Away

Nick Walsh By Nick Walsh // 2.11.2020

Follow this step-by-step guide to determine when it’s time to automate a process with custom software, and what your best approach should be.

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Accepting the Ethical Responsibilities Behind Creating Digital Platforms

Nick Walsh By Nick Walsh // 1.24.2020

Ethical tech companies have a responsibility to create human-centered design that puts the user first. Find out how they are succeeding (and failing).

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Pairing Custom Software with Industry Standards

Nathaniel Bibler By Nathaniel Bibler // 1.20.2020

If you’re embarking upon new software development, weigh the pros and cons of custom software and don’t try to reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to.

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