03 // Software Development

Right-fit Engineering

Custom software is an investment. Realizing the right gains takes a focus beyond buzzwords and trending technologies.

What We Do

Technical Guidance

Our clients are busy managing other products, teams, and the realities of being a technology company. Stopping to weigh every development decision along the way isn’t possible.

Envy Labs is a temporary CTO to lean on. We aim to understand the problem, context, history, and present vetted options. Then, with the same group of faces, we’ll implement the solution in an efficient and lasting way.

Ben Stankich working through front-end code on a pair of monitors at his desk

API Integration & Development

More than ever, today’s applications are integration hubs. Whether it’s the weather, real-time sports data, inventory status, customer information, payment processing, or building a new endpoint, we’re set to play matchmaker.

Our Specialities


  • Elixir + Phoenix
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Node
  • Go


  • React
  • Ember
  • D3


  • PostgreSQL
  • GraphQL + Apollo
Members of the Envy Labs development team coding at their desks

Performant Applications

Page speed has a well-documented effect on everything from conversion rates to search engine ranking. We’ll pitch architectures and technologies with racing stripes, even if the application sports a heavy payload of data, media, or concurrency.


Staging environments, redundancy, conditional resources — every project carries unique server and deployment requirements. Whether you’re looking for full administration or someone to work with your IT crew, we’ll help make delivery the celebration it should be.

We’re also pretty good at finding our way around AWS, a specialization unto itself.

Ben Stankich working in a text editor on his laptop
Jacob Swanner checking the rendered output of his code

Maintenance & Technical Debt

There’s no apple a day to keep technical debt away. Left unchecked, competing feature decisions and years of cruft build up, causing even minor fixes to take too long. Thwarting debt involves:

  • Evaluation (and reevaluation) of anything configurable
  • Checking existing technology choices for relevance
  • Keeping an updated set of expectations and standards
  • Knowing when to pump the brakes to revisit key goals

Maintenance isn’t just knocking out tickets. Our developers review changes with the same scrutiny as the Discovery phase.

“I’m delighted to have worked with Envy Labs on [Try Git]. It is the richest online Git and GitHub learning experience in existence.”

Matthew McCullough
GitHub Training (Former)