A Whitepaper

A Startup Founder’s Guide to That Vacant Tech Lead Role

Nick Walsh By Nick Walsh // 2.22.2023

Building an application? Software is complex — and that complexity has probably increased since this sentence started. (Sorry for holding you up.) If you’re a non-technical founder, or if your technical expertise isn’t in app development, there’s a noticeable, person-sized hole in your leadership team.

Technical leadership. There’s a really good chance that you’ll need it sooner rather than later. In this white paper, we’ll cover some options when filling the lead tech role, highlight what tech leads face, and discuss what you’ll be able to delegate, including:

  • Competitive (technical) analysis and idea refinement
  • Hiring and vendor management
  • Identifying unique, investment-worthy features
  • Picking the foundational languages, libraries, and frameworks
  • Managing the roadmap and things that will (eventually) go wrong
  • Documenting the history of settled decisions