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Signs That Your Software Project May Miss the Finish Line

Nick Walsh By Nick Walsh // 8.14.2023

It’s that creeping chill — what you feel and what you’re told about your application build seem like two different things. There’s movement, there’s progress, but there’s also a sneaking suspicion that it’ll all go wrong. Trust that intuition. No one wants to be the client who cried wolf, but we’ve joined a lot of “almost done” projects that were anything but. 

There’s no surefire way to condemn a piece of in-progress software, but the problematic ones leave traces. Here are some of the usual signs, which may help validate (or assuage) your current concerns:

  • What you’re hearing, covering the style and substance of communication
  • The technical details, diving into the hints of development issues
  • What you’re seeing, handling the reality of what’s being delivered
  • (Struggling) project benchmarks, putting numbers to problem projects

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