A Whitepaper

Ready to Build? A Complete Guide to Working With an Outside Software Firm

Nick Walsh By Nick Walsh // 4.10.2022

Whether it’s a temporary need, a specialization gap, or a product of the job market, you’re on the lookout for a software development shop. Someone to deliver on the idea that’s been cooking. A way to quickly spin a team up and start seeing progress.

As the search begins, you’re facing down a key question: Would an outside firm be set up for success? And you’re not just looking for good developers — you need developers that would be good for you and the way your organization works. To that end, this whitepaper dives into:

  • Homework and information worth gathering before chatting with prospective partners
  • The agency “dating” process and necessary conversations
  • Process and contract needs to formally kick a project off
  • Where you’ll be needed during strategy, development, and launch