Our Family

Envy Labs is more than a career or a stepping stone: it’s the adopted family of those who’ve called it home. Most of our employees have been present for all six office moves and the formation + sale of Code School. No awkward dinners staring at phones here — we show up to all of our coworkers’ ballgames.

Why Envy Labs? Glad You Asked.

We know how hard it is to pick a team. Is Envy Labs good? (Yup.) Is the team easy to work with? (Also yes.) Will they deliver solid work at an honest rate? (Our clients think so!)

The Right Fit

From inception to iteration, we can manage the entire process or lend a hand where it’s needed most. Our services page offers a deeper dive into each of our capabilities.

Direct Contact

Envy Labs is a group of equal contributors who speak openly and honestly with clients. For each phase of a project, members of the team are directly accessible. Iteration is a constant, and we encourage our clients to share ideas and inspiration whenever it strikes.


In software development, few surprises are good surprises. For the project’s duration, every week will include a status update, detailed hour report, and at least one check-in call. We’ll show where our time goes, and — more importantly — what it creates.

Steering the Ship

We’re nimble, but not at the expense of the plan. While we pair on the details and applying domain expertise, everyone has the full picture in mind — if anything stands to threaten your budget or deadline, we’ll communicate that as soon as we possibly can.


After every major release, we’ll review our initial goals to determine the successes, where we may have missed the mark, and how to better our relationship for future phases of work (which happens more often than not).

95% People, 5% Snacks & Coffee

We’re not sure what to call our employees (Labbers?), so it’s a good thing we’re happy being a collective.


Chief Executive Officer

Nathaniel Bibler

As co-founder, lead developer, and CEO, Nate (or Nathaniel, but probably not Nathan) has an impressive hat collection ‘round these parts. No matter the situation, he’ll conjure an appropriate early-2000s romantic comedy reference, and is the most likely Envy-er (Labber? We still need to figure out what to call employees) to host a pool party. Any day now, Nathan.

Home Base

Envy Labs calls the Sunshine State home (take that, South Dakota) and hails from the most recognizable Orlando location not overrun with mouse ears: Lake Eola.

But you don’t have to take my word for it: our space received a Coolest Office Spaces award from Orlando Business Journal.


We’re just as excited about your idea.

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