Case Study


We helped RedVector remotely train tens of thousands of firefighters, EMTs, and public service workers across the US.

Project Goals

All for One

With multiple acquisitions and enterprise restructuring, three disparate training platforms — each with unique customers and industries — needed to be unified into one co-branded experience.

Beautiful and Book Smart

Creating training content is tough enough without having to wrestle against bad UX. RedVector needed a course editing platform tailored for their content creation workflow.

Never Stop Stopping

The whole advantage of online training is the freedom to complete it anywhere and at any time. Creating content that can be served to any device is a must.


A Modern-day Brady Bunch

After multiple acquisitions, RedVector found themselves dealing with four distinct public service industries, including fire & EMS, and over 600 accrediting agencies. And they were still responsible for providing training content for all of them. RedVector needed a content platform that could kill hundreds of birds with one stone.

Woke Up Like This

Creating a training platform with such stringent requirements isn’t easy, but when you’ve got 4 years of experience in the field, it starts to become automatic. We kept the successes and polished the rough parts to create a content creation flow tailored for the unique world of United States civil service accreditation.

CentreLearn content inventory

Design + Develop

Can’t Stop Me Now

What good is online training if trainees have to go into the station to complete it? Our web-based training platform works on any device, with no downloads, and automatically saves your work as you progress.

The Building Blocks of Life

Modularity is key for course authors. Borrowing from CentreLearn’s course builder we helped develop through years of battle-testing, we started with those crucial, atomic building blocks like “quiz” and “video” to let course authors build content quickly using vetted learning content from almost any source.

You Are Here

Building courses involves a constant back-and-forth between outline and content. Slideover components are perfect for editing tiny details without losing your big picture learning objectives. With Ember’s dynamic routing, switching back-and-forth between outline and content editing couldn’t be faster.

Space-age Reading Technology

For a training UI, little is more important than the typeface. We pulled a page from NASA research (Typography of Flight Deck Documentation) and went with a humanist sans for legibility for all ages. Frere-Jones Type’s Mallory was a perfect fit, with both a normal and “microplus” variant useful for cramming lots of information in a tiny space while keeping everything comfortable on the eyes.

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

With this being a flexible and growing platform, we provided a robust UI library. Thanks to Ember’s component-first design, their engineers can expand the platform and iterate new designs with ease.

Exactly the Loquacious Type

With three platforms that would be using this course system eventually, this system had to accept incoming data from different LMS platforms as well as expose critical course data using secured endpoints. We worked with their development team to build this two-way API to their standards.


The Results

Gearing Up

Since launch, RedVector has used Course Manager to serve 600 unique training courses to users, and they’re only getting started.

A Growing Family

64 training organizations have already switched over to Course Manager for their training needs, with the remaining hundreds to migrate over the following years as RedVector builds on the foundation we laid.

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Combining maps, data, and time, we created a platform that tackles time’s greatest geo-spatial mysteries.


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