Orlando Creators

We gathered together the graphic designers and visual artists that call The City Beautiful “home.“

Project Goals

If You Don’t Know, Now You Know

The creative community in Orlando is a small powerhouse. Though not known as a creative mecca like New York or San Francisco, there still are a disproportionate number of designers, illustrators, and photographers we’d put up against anybody else in the country. We needed to showcase as many as we could.

Expanding Horizons

An in-house project like Orlando Creators offered the perfect opportunity for Envy Labs Design Team members Drew and Ayana to scratch an itch for animation, video production, and art direction recent client projects hadn’t needed.


Storyboarding Stories

A number of ideas were tossed around for this passion project but one thing was certain: we wanted whatever we created to serve as a love letter to our city. In the end, it was decided that using our talents to uplift others would be a win for all parties involved.

Hometown Heroes

Orlando Creators isn’t the first website to showcase local talent, but it was a first for Orlando, and it was long overdue. We highlighted several creatives that were known for their work, but few had ever been on video, and had never been assembled together into one showcase.

Partners in Crime

Throughout the planning process, we kept a running list of potential project partners that may want to join in on the effort. Once the project idea was settled on, we tapped our friends at Macbeth Studio to see if they’d be interested in joining in on the fun. We knew their videographer Morgan Walker would be a perfect fit for helping to bring our vision to life. They happily agreed, signaling the start of a beautiful partnership.


Talkin’ It Up

There are two things Orlando Creators does, and does well: condensed nuggets of bite-sized wisdom, and conversation. We had some great conversations with local creators and left every interview impacted the words, thoughts, and experiences every person brought to the studio.

Raising Some Eyebrows

We included some quintessentially Florida items embellishing our lush, subtropical landscape. You can’t help but smile as bouncy cars zoom past palm trees, dancing buildings, and a bobbing flamingo. Our favorite part? Alligator eyebrows.

A Cast of Characters

Each featured creator brings a one-of-a-kind perspective to the project. Custom illustrations were created to celebrate a unique facet of the creator’s life or work. Blink too quick and you might miss the suitcase and passport for the jetsetting Ashley Heafy or the flashing camera for photographer Patrick Michael Chin.

Stacks on (Tech) Stacks

Because Orlando Creators was a simple showcase of YouTube videos, it was ripe to over-engineer. The Next.js framework had just been released, combining the interactivity of React & React Router with the stability of server-side-rendered HTML in an easy-to-use package. With new buzz around progressive web apps, it was a good chance to dive into experimental tech we could use for our famous large-scale applications later on.

Spreading the Word

Social media may not be our bread and butter, but we know connection is key. Our Instagram account was created to share the latest OC updates and engage with other local creatives within our community.


The Results

We Made Our Moms Proud

If the messages in our Instagram inbox are any indication, we can say without a doubt that people love what we are doing. Since releasing our first episode with Justin Mezzell in January 2017, our interviews have been liked, commented on, and retweeted. We even landed a feature in the University of Central Florida’s alumni magazine, Pegasus!

We Didn’t Start the Fire…

… but we like to think we spread it around a little bit. We weren’t what motivated those creators to create, but being interviewed for your accomplishments puts a spring in your step. In an unexpected turn of events, we heard a few interviewees say they had more energy and motivation just from being recognized.

Envy’s New Groove

Partnering with Morgan Walker & Macbeth Studio on a video project has pushed our sensibilities for timing, motion, and storytelling more than enterprise software ever could. Our clients are already reaping the benefits of our newfound love for delightful animations. Check out the Tech Rocket case study to see for yourself!

Up Next


Pairing with an environmental scientist, we built a unique data visualization tool to track water quality and radiation cleanup.


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