Ivy is our answer for content creators looking to provide in-browser code education and training.

Project Goals

No Manual Needed

Course design is a difficult task by itself without clunky software. Ivy needs to make content creation as easy as possible in order to succeed as an education platform.

Head in The Cloud

Similar to Code School, executing code in the Cloud skips all the cost and hassle of IT. Ivy needs to inherit and improve the tech that makes cloud-based code execution possible.

Cleared For Takeoff

Ivy needs to be set up from square one as a growth-ready product in order to handle the year-over-year increase of people wanting to learn to code.


Long Live The King

Content is still king, so our foundation for design exploration began and ended with the writing experience. We pulled ideas from some of our favorite writing experiences to put tools in authors’ hands right when they needed.

Remember Me!

Inspired by the Ivy League schools of the Northeast, we explored the visuals of fall foliage. Several concepts followed this path, incorporating an academic transitional serif with greens and burgundies.

The Files Are In The Computer!

Arguably Ivy’s greatest strength as a cloud-based platform also presented the biggest challenge: how do you present an imaginary file system that’s easy for beginners and true to form for coding?

Design + Develop

Brick By Brick

Writing technical learning material is challenging enough on its own without having to wrestle with a content management system. The Course Builder removes as many barriers as possible for deploying testable content.

All Play And No Work

Content and interactivity are married in the Course Player. An optimized reading experience — the content — is kept on-screen at all times and serves as the visual and metaphorical anchor of each page. Additional layers of complexity (like the code editor) are brought in contextually when needed, and disappear when not needed.

Crunching the Numbers

Data ensures future efforts to improve course benchmarks are focused in the right areas. The Analytics layer keeps authors abreast of tasks users may find too difficult (or too easy).


The Results

Don’t Repeat Yourself

Having one central source of knowledge meant no printing cost, no confusion over what’s up-to-date and what’s obsolete, and no delay in distributing new material.

Shedding the Bike Shed

Through Ivy, students got to code straight out of the gate rather than sink upfront time and energy into setup, configuration, and troubleshooting. Educators got to be educators, rather than customer support.

Going Dutch With Everybody

Ivy was built to serve a multitude of needs, so it was licensed out to several educators at once. This resulted in lower costs for everybody, while customers got new features, updates, and maintenance at no extra cost.

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