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Adding Interactivity to Data Visualizations on the Web

Nick Walsh An Article By Nick Walsh // 3.1.2022

The web is a hands-on medium, and that benefit extends (as luck would have it) to the visualizations that live there. Charts in motion give extra context and clarity to…

Speed Alone Doesn’t Define a 10x Developer

Nathaniel Bibler An Article By Nathaniel Bibler // 11.17.2021

There are periods in any project where problems have been described, priorities have been identified, and tasks have been divvied up. It’s time for everyone to put their head down…

Unknown Risks: Planning for the Inevitable in Software Development

Matt Schultz An Article By Matt Schultz // 12.16.2019

Software projects never go exactly as planned. No matter how meticulously we plan, scope, and estimate, we must always be ready for a wrench to be thrown in the works….

Wireframes: Software’s Best Communication Tool

Nick Walsh An Article By Nick Walsh // 1.17.2022

If you say “let’s add a search feature” to a team of five developers, they’ll each have something (wildly) different in their heads. Are results categorized? How are they ranked?…

Pairing Custom Software with Industry Standards

Nathaniel Bibler An Article By Nathaniel Bibler // 1.20.2020

If you’re weighing the pros and cons of custom software development, it’s important to recognize that not everything must be fully custom built. When crafting software we find that it’s always more beneficial to reuse…